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If you don't think cigarettes, drugs and alcohol are a problem for todays youth... open your eyes.

4 The Solution is an unbiased education charity working with schools, companies and childrens' groups to raise awareness of drug and alcohol issues in kids of all ages.

For Schools

..and Youth Organizations...

4 The Solution presents the 'Stay Sharp - Think about it' program.

This program has been created to impact students across the nation with a clear and urgent call to personal and peer drug abuse prevention. This positive message reaches out to steer the hearts and minds of this current generation towards a better path.

Engages the hearts and minds of your pupils

Educates them on the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse

Equips them to make healthy choices

Empowers them with truth and hope


For Youth

50% of students have tried an illicit drug by the time they finish high school (*). Have you?

7 out of every 10 students (70%) have consumed alcohol by the end of high school (**). Have you?

1 in 6 teens has abused a prescription pain medication (***). Have you?

1 in 4 deaths is attributable to alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use. (****).Will YOU?



Just because they came from the drugstore, doesn't mean you can take them when you feel like it...

We give you the low down on getting high with Prescription Drugs - Don't do it!


"It's OK, I'm just a social drinker..."
Think so? Think again!


They aren't harmless. They are a drug and equally as addicting as alcohol or other drugs, and usually lead to other types of addiction. 'Coffin Nails' is a good name.

Additional Information

The Stay Sharp program is copyright © Teen Challenge USA

Material on this website is provided for informational purposes only, and reflects the opinions of Solution and its board of directors.

This site is NOT a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment of any substance abuse or psychiatric disorders.


4thesolution has many successful stories. View our Testimonials Page to read about the positive impact 4thesolution has on students at schools. Hear from our volunteers as they share their experience with overcoming drug and alcohol addictions.

Upcoming Events

Backpacks for the Homeless
On December 12th and 13th, we will be we will be distributing backpacks to the homeless at St. Ann's Center in Ogden and in Salt Lake City. Our goal is to fill 1,000 backpacks with hygiene products, gloves, socks, hats, toothpaste, toothbrushes, scarves, and other items.

Anti Drug and Alcohol Rally: Sep 2014
This Community Event is free to the public. Great speakers, awesome giveaways (including a car), music, food, and fun. Four to five thousand people attended last year from Weber and Davis Counties.

Golf Tournament: Coming in 2014

Come strut your stuff at the 2014 Golf Tournament Fundraiser
1 day, 4 friends - AND you help raise money for our
Youth Anti-Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program!